Hottest Athletes with Tattoos

Hottest Athletes with Tattoos

Exotic body art or tattooing has gained a visible place in the mainstream fashion industry, and many sportspersons have joined the tattooed celebrities from Hollywood by heavily tattooing their bodies. Tattoos are embellishing the classic physiques of many famous sportspersons. Tattoos sported by celebrities reveal about their attitude towards life and gives an insight into their personality. Celebrity tattoos range from sporty symbols, religious symbols, aggressive images, initials of closed ones, or inspiring words reflecting their sentiments and beliefs.

David Beckham: Stylish Beckham is equally famous for his lifestyle as he is for his superb game. His enchanting boyish looks got him the ratings of super cute footballer in the world. He is passionate about body art and every tattoo he wears on this body has a symbolic value which he has comprehensively inked in his autobiography, "My Side". His collection of tattoos reflects his love for family, football and faith in spirituality. The first tattoo that he got embellished on his body was his son's name BROOKLYN. This Beckham tattoo is neatly tinted on his lower back. The anthology of tattoos on Beckham body consists of his wife Victoria's name in Hindi tattooed on the inside of his left forearm, the Roman numeral VII – the number he wears for England, ROMEO his son's name on the upper back, Latin phrase "Ut Amem Et Foveam" meaning "so that I love and cherish", Latin phrase "Perfectio In Spiritu" meaning "spiritual perfection", Guardian angel and winged cross.

Mike Metzger: Mike Metzger, the Godfather of freestyle motocross has heavily tattooed his body. His love for tattooing can be seen from the word "Pain" engraved inside his mouth. He is the first rider to complete back-to-back-flips which made him a legendary performer. He sports tattoos on the neck and the inside of the forearm. His confidence and faith in himself is visible from the fact that he has his own name imprinted vertically down the front of his chest.

Kobe Bryant: NBA superstar has a great fascination for body art and sports several tattoos that include a crown, his wife Vanessa's name, his daughter Natalia Diamante's name, a halo, angel wings and Psalm XXVII. The tattoos of this famous basketball player reflect his love towards his family.

Michael Jordan: Basketball idol known as one of the best athletes of the world is also allured by the exotic trend of body art and has a large Omega tattoo on the left side of his chest just above his heart. This tattoo reveals his loyalty towards Omega Psi Phi, the third oldest black fraternity in the United States. The letter omega is a Greek alphabet that symbolizes unsurpassed power that holds true for this amazingly talented player.

Dennis Rodman: This rambunctious basketball player has his body covered with tattoos of Harley Davidson, picture of his daughter, shark, a cross, and many more. His tattoos reflect his love for the game and family and give an insight to the spiritual side of his rowdy persona….

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