Hip Hop Clothing Trends

Hip Hop Clothing Trends
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Stylish and funky attire is closely related to hip hop artists as well as hip hop music lovers. Hip hopers are considered the most prominent celebrities due to their music, fashion, style and clothes. People all over follow these hip hopers for their music, accessories, attitude and dressing style. The influence of hip hopers is so huge that hip hop clothing has become the hottest trend in the fashion industry even today.

Hip hop clothing has a distinctive style
Hip hop clothing is an integral part of hip hop culture and provides the wearer a unique identity. This typical style of dressing has its origin buried in African America. Baggy jeans or pants remained at the top of hip-hop fashion for a long time because of the ease that they offer. Baggy denims with low hang pockets, oversized denim or cotton shirts, leather boots and sporty look were popular. Later, hip hop clothing also acquired distinguishing styles from cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and many others. Hip hop clothing has definitely faced significant changes during its history, but still continued to remain on top of the fashion industry.

80s and 90s Hip Hop Clothing had a high influence of blacks
The clothing and hairstyles were chiefly inspired by African traditions. Popular hairstyles were Jheri curl with shiny and loose curled look, hi-top fade where hair on the sides is cut off and dreadlocks where hair resemble ropes. Rappers like MC Hammer popularized blousy pants. Queen Latifah, KRS-One, X-Clan, and Public Enemy popularized colorful (red, black and green) clothes.

However, during the 90s, baseball caps and bright colored hip hop clothing got popular as well, because of rappers like The Fresh Prince, Left Eye (TLC) and Kid' n Play. Wearing clothes backward fad was started by a famous rapper Kris Kross and other rapper Kwamé started the trend of wearing polka dots.

Gangsta Style Hip Hop Clothing was popular in the late 80s and mid 90s
Extremely popular during mid 90s, the gangsta style was inspired by gangsters and prisoners. Wearing dark denims or baggy pants was considered stylish along with tattoos and bandanas. Pioneer of gangsta rap or street style fashion style- N.W.A. popularized dickies pants, plaid shirts and jackets. Other rappers like Chuck Taylor started the trend of wearing sneakers, and Raider Starter jackets were also a rage during 80s and 90s.

Hip hop culture has hugely influenced the American culture.
Young Americans can be seen emulating the music, dress style and attitude of their favorite rapper. Baggy bright colored hip hop clothes have become the hottest fashion trend. Black designers have gained maximum profits in the urban market and successful labels have also attracted the attention of corporate America. These designers design hip hop clothes keeping in mind the need of the customers.

Hip Hop Clothing, Jewelry & other Accessories
Hip hop clothing were accessorized by wearing heavy gold chains. Large gold earrings were popular among women in mid 80s. Around mid and late 90s, platinum became popular and the trend of platinum and silver jewelry became trendy. Fashion grills and teeth coverings also became a hit. Brian "Baby" Williams had permanent platinum teeth to make a style statement. Platinum and silver chains and accessories gave rise to the bling culture marked by glitzy jewelry. Hip-hop fashion lovers were spending significant amount on buying bling-bling jewelry and fashion accessories like big belts, black ink tattoos, large eyeglasses, name belts, rings, bucket hats, bandanas, baseball caps, etc.

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