BodyArtAme Tattoo Shops Cleanliness Article5

BodyArtAme Tattoo Shops Cleanliness Article5

Why Tattoo Shops must comply with requirements by the FDA

Tattooing is a technique of placing color ink on or into the subcutaneous portion of the skin via needles or any other instrument for permanently coloring the skin. This method is being practiced since ancient times and is still very popular. Many celebrities sport tattoos on different parts of the body and consider it as a style statement. Tattoo shops also do body piercing, a technique of puncturing the skin with sterilized needles and inserting the jewelry piece into the opening made in the ear, nose, eyebrows, lip, tongue or any other body part.

Why U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations?
As per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance requirements, tattoo shops must comply under the FDA jurisdiction. Tattoos and body piercing are subject to regulation as cosmetics. As per the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act tattoo inks and dyes are “color additives” and may cause adverse reactions or injury. Because of the issues related to body piercing, tattoo removal, tattoo coloring adverse reactions, infections and infectious diseases that arise due to the use of tattoo products and body piercing, FDA gave certain instructions to tattoo shops to safeguard the health of people who get their skin pierced or marked with tattoos.

Risks Involved in Tattoo Piercing
If you are thinking of getting your skin pierced or marked with a tattoo, you must understand the risks involved beforehand, and get your body art done correctly. Unhygienic body piercing and tattooing tools and equipment can cause infectious diseases like skin disorders, allergic reactions, tetanus, fungal infections, scars and keloids, herpes simplex virus and many other. The risk of blood-borne diseases is also high if the tattoo needle is infected. Blood borne diseases include hepatitis B or human immunodeficiency virus that can result in AIDS.

An individual cannot donate blood for one year after getting a tattoo. Tattoos are usually permanent and their removal process is also difficult. However, with laser surgery, dermabrasion and surgery, you can get a tattoo removed, but a scar may still remain.

How to protect yourself when going for a tattoo?

* To ensure that you are safe from above mentioned risks, you must ensure that you go only to a licensed tattooist. He must keep individual records permanently.
* Ensure that the tattoo artist uses aseptic techniques to avoid any kind of infection.
* Tattoo equipment and tools must be properly cleansed, sanitized and sterilized.
* All disposable and non-disposable tools and equipment and procedure work surface must be cleansed and sterilized –a process that destroys all the microbial including highly resistant bacteria.
* The tattoo artist must wash and dry his hands and must wear medical latex gloves.
* He must comply with medical cleanliness and have an appropriate environment.
* Surfaces such as pigment bottles, furniture, sinks, and floor needs to be cleaned with a disinfectant.

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