How To Choose The Best Dry Skin Lotion

The use of a good dry skin lotion represents an important part of the skincare routine regardless of season. Although the main symptoms of dry skin include tightness and the appearance of flakes, dehydration and even skin disease could appear on the dryness background. It is preferable to use only one single type of dry skin lotion per season, since the skincare product has to be constantly adapted to the weather variations.Click over here for more info about back tattoo.

A dry skin lotion with a high SPF is definitely a must in summertime, because dry skin is more easily affected by the action of the ultraviolets, showing signs of old age prematurely.Apply the dry skin lotion every morning after the normal washing routine. The moisturizer is a lot more efficient if the skin is damp at the application.

In winter, you should choose a creamier dry skin lotion with a higher content of oil. Skin has the tendency to lose the natural protective barrier made of dermal oils, and you can help recreate the balance by means of a quality product based on natural ingredients. An alternative to the use of a dry skin lotion is the application of olive oil, almond oil, Shea butter and other essential oils as part of the normal skincare routine.You should get more invaluable info about wizard tattoos here.

The ingredients are very important for the efficiency and the safety of a dry skin lotion|Do not overlook to have a look at the composition of the dry skin lotion you want to buy[/spin]. The list of ingredients will tell if there is any fragrance or chemical used. Dry skin is also more sensitive, and you may develop a rash or an allergy because of the chemical ingredients found in such a dry skin lotion. Therefore, go for the sensitive skin, hypoallergenic variant of cosmetic products that is available both in drug stores and in supermarkets.

Last but not least there are people who’d rather make the dry skin lotion at home. In case you want to stick to the do-it-yourself option,skincare products recipes as well as tips and suggestions are plentiful online. Keep in mind that the basic ingredients for such homemade treatments are natural extra-virgin oils that are cold-pressed and almost not processed at all. Depending on the recipe, some people add herbal extracts too, for a more intense formula
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