Delighting In The Beauty Of Nautical Star Tattoos

Lots of debates focus on the meaning

associated with nautical star tattoos, and the interpretation often varies with the user. This

actually led to different way of

interpretation according to the user and

taking context into account as well. Historically speaking nautical star tattoos were a

characteristic of sailors, who had their superstitions and fears about being lost at sea or never seeing land again. Thus

the north star was seen as the home symbol and the silent promise that

the person will stay on the right path in life.

Such nautical star tattoos clearly stand for good luck and

the chance to get home in the best of conditions. Click

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The groups who have predominantly adopted nautical star tattoos are the military, lesbians and

gays as well as punk rockers, but taken separately they all

consider different significance to

the symbol. For those in the army, the nautical star tattoos mean pretty much the same thing as

for sailors; the military are also looking or waiting for their

return home. The lesbian connections with the nautical star tattoos are about choices. Back in the

1940s and 1950s, non-heterosexual orientations were not regarded as freely as they are today

and, lesbians would tattoo the nautical star on the wrist

inside where it could be easily camouflaged by a watch, but in the evening as the type of clothes worn in bars were

different, the tattoo could be seen and recognized by others just like them.

Punk groups express their standing apart from the group by using the nautical star

tattoos. With the same hints to the North star, these tattoos point to personal

efforts to find one’s path in life even if that being a weirdo. With punk

groups nautical star tattoos are often identified in the hand sleeve area or in combination with other

designs. Besides these categories of people who wear nautical star tattoos for a purpose,

there are many others who simply take a liking in the pattern. The preference for one tattoo or another is definitely subjective and it should remain that way. You

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One interesting aspect remains the denial of the symbolic charges of the nautical star

tattoos; thus, the military often have a very strong rejection and debunking reaction

towards the possible associations with gay or lesbian

groups. Yet, other people wear such tattoos

without even giving them a meaning other than their personal liking for the design. The thing that stays valid is the presence of nautical

star tattoos in different moments in the history of mankind, which no one can deny. You

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