How Fortunate Do You Have To Be To Bear A Red Nautical Star?

The red nautical star is a modern adaptation of a century-old tattoo. Sailors found their way on the sea guiding themselves by the Southern Cross and

the Northern Star; as long as one of these two sparkled on the sky,

knew their directions. Sailors would therefore

wear nautical stars on their arms most of the times out of superstition, and to have higher chances to get home

unharmed. Compass stars were also popular for the very same reason of staying

on the right course at all times. This old belief is re-adapted in the new design of the red nautical

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Just like sailors, soldiers wear the read nautical star too, with the same idea of

getting home well in mind. Good decisions, luck and great fortune, bright spirits and a smooth safe life path, these

are the expectations behind the tattoo. The upward pointing of the

nautical red star indicates a higher outlook on life, but personal choice makes the distinction. Different tattoo colors can be chose even if black and red

represent the classic; green and black, blue and black are

very often used too. Without the black color

included in the design, the red nautical star symbolizes just the energy of the life force.

People choose to attach all sorts of connotations to the red

nautical star tattoos and often they also add a distinctive element that sets the design apart from the

traditional variant. A person wearing a red nautical star in a visible

place on the body may be willing to explain the meaning he or she gives to the tattoo. Thus, there are people who express their solidarity with those who

donate their organs, others envisage the tattoo as a

homage paid to a moment or person with a special significance in their lives, while others will go for the

red nautical star because it suggests optimism and

vitality. You can gain

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You can get a red nautical star tattooed in any salon, but have a look around the place to see whether it respects quality and safety

standards. The size of the red nautical star depends on where you want to wear it. The arms, the legs and

the back allow for a larger nautical star, but many people,

especially women would rather go for some little discreet tattoo for embellishing purposes. You

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