How To Select The Correct Dry Skin Lotion

As part of the daily skin care routine the use of a dry skin lotion is a necessity both in winter and in summer. Besides the discomfort of feeling the skin tight or flaky, dry skin presents a higher risk of dehydration and of dermatological disease development. It is preferable to rely on one single type of dry skin lotion per season, since the skincare product has to be constantly adapted to the weather variations.Click over here for additional information on lower back tattoo.

A dry skin lotion with a high SPF is definitely a must in summertime, because dry skin is more sensitive to the action of the ultraviolets, showing signs of premature aging when exposed to the sun.Apply the dry skin lotion in the morning after the normal washing routine. When the skin is still damp, the absorption of the moisturizer will be a lot better, ensuring a higher and more comfortable protection.

In winter, the best dry skin lotion is an oily one that makes the tissues soft and smooth. Skin has the tendency to lose the natural protective barrier made of dermal oils, and you can help recreate the balance by means of a quality product based on natural ingredients. While some people prefer to use raw olive oil, almond oil or Shea butter for the daily care of dry skin, others find it more comfortable to buy a ready made dry skin lotion.You can find more information on lower back tattoos for women here.

The ingredients are very important for the efficiency and the safety of a dry skin lotion|Do not overlook to have a look at the composition of the dry skin lotion you want to buy[/spin]. The list of ingredients will tell if there is any fragrance or chemical used. We need to stress out this factor as chemicals can easily cause allergic reactions and rashes. Therefore, go for the sensitive skin, hypoallergenic variant of cosmetic products that both supermarkets and drug stores have in stock.

Finally, let’s consider some home treatments as there are people who’d rather make the dry skin lotion at home. In case you want to stick to the do-it-yourself option,skincare products recipes as well as tips and suggestions are plentiful online. Keep in mind that the basic ingredients for such homemade treatments are natural extra-virgin oils that are cold-pressed and almost not processed at all. Herbal extracts could also be added for their soothing and healing properties too, but you’ll have to make a bit of research about what and how to use them
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