Symbolise And Who Commonly Obtains Them?

A star tattoo is one of the most common patterns you can get painted on your skin and though the

concept is neither new nor original there are all sorts of designs used to make it special. the star as a symbol is present in various cultures but

with multiple parallel implications: for sailors, the nautical star

tattoo reminds the security of home and the necessity for superior guidance at all times.

Even with such a tattoo, original details and interpretations can be achieved one can enlarge or add up, by the

color and size alternations, the

applications of supplementary items and the body part where the tattoo is made.
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A shooting star tattoo is meant to suggest the futility of a moment the same way a falling star

crosses the sky and burns away. Remembrance of a moment: this is the most common explanation of such

a star tattoo, though the design doesn’t necessarily have to express something, it

could simply appeal to one from the aesthetic point of view. A more philosophical

approach to a star tattoo is that of making dreams

come true, regardless of whether we refer to career, love relationship or social life. As for

the cultural implications, a tattoo star could have a more profound explanation such as

rebirth, better life change or anything great that marked one’s existence.

The stars with five and six points

represent some other star tattoo examples charged

with a heavy symbolism. If the pentagram points

downwards, then many people tend to see it as a ram figure

and a symbol of the devil. An upward pointing direction is good as the star,

stands for balance and protection. Then, a hexagram as a star tattoo stands for what is also called

the Star of David, the holy symbol of Judaism that explains the divine and human coexisting.

As a direct reference to the Creator, the choice of the hexagram as

a tattoo star requires serious consideration and quite some commitment.You should find more info about full sleeve tattoos here.

Not every

star tattoo has a story to tell, as it is most often chosen according to personal styles,

fashion trends and even stylist’s

suggestions, and they don’t always mean something in particular. The location for

the star tattoo is another aspect to consider. Thus, with women, the shoulder, the hip,

the ankle or the lower back remain the most popular places to get a star tattoo, while men go for the upper arm classic variant most of the time.
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