Who Usually Obtains A Shooting Star Tattoo And What Do They Stand For

Wearing a

star tattoo is not that original but it could surely make one feel good. The symbolism of

the star varies from one culture to another: if we are talking about a nautical star tattoo then

the meaning is that of staying on the right track and not getting lost.

Original features

can be imagined for any tattoo, thus one can increase or add up, by the

color and size alternations, additional items and the body part where the tattoo is made.
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A shooting star tattoo is meant to suggest the futility of a moment the same way a falling star

crosses the sky and burns away. Remembrance of a moment: this is the most general meaning of such

a star tattoo, though there are cases when people simply like the design and don’t associate

anything in particular with the drawing. A more philosophical

explanation for a star tattoo is that of making dreams

come true, regardless if

this refers to social circumstances, couple relationship or work. As for

the cultural implications, profound meanings can be

decoded touching on rebirth, life changes or influential experiences.

The pentagram and the hexagram

are some other star tattoo cases with a heavy symbolism. If the pentagram points

downwards, then many people tend to see it as a ram figure

and a symbol of the devil. If the

star points in the upward direction, then it,

stands for balance and protection. The star tattoo in the

shape of the hexagram is just a different way of representing David’s star, the holy

symbol of Judaism that suggests the meeting of the Divine and the human.

Choosing the Creator’s symbol as a star tattoo is a heavy choice with quite some responsibility

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Not every

star tattoo has a story to tell, as it is most often chosen according to trendy criteria, personal expectations and friends’

suggestions, and they don’t always mean something in particular. Another important part of the

body embellishment process by tattooing is the choice of the spot for the star design. Thus, with women, the shoulder, the hip,

the ankle or the lower back remain the most popular places to get a star tattoo, while for men, the upper arm is chosen

for the majority of case.
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