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Conversing with elders in the correct way is extremely important when applying for a job. Folks have many applicants to choose from so you need to be sure you stand proud of the group and make a very pro first impression.
To help make the best first impression as a Houston nanny, we have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts for your job application and communications with folks.

Dos :

Be pro.
You may think of a babysitting job as a casual position or something that you just need to do in order to make some extra money, but that is not something a family wants to hear. To a family, finding a baby-sitter or Houston nanny is a critical decision and folks need to be sure their applicant is trustworthy and takes the job seriously. By being pro, you show folks the job is extremely important to you.

Stay important. When creating a Houston nanny job profile or sending an email to a parent stick to the eighty / 20 rule. Eighty percent of your message should be about your background working with kids and your qualifications and twenty percent should be about yourself and your past-times, etc . Even though you need to share your character with the folks, there’s a time to try this and your profile or first communications are not the place to do so. Stay pro to make the best first impression!

Review the job posting carefully.
If you briefly skim a job posting, you can miss crucial info about the job — info that may stop you from having the ability to accept it. For instance, a family may need a sitter who has experience with asthma or may need a Houston nanny who can work on saturday mornings. If you miss any pieces of info in the job posting, you could end up applying to a job you are not qualified for, wasting not simply the parent’s time, but your own also.

Always check your request.
After you are done creating your profile or email to a parent, please make an effort to proofread it once or twice to be completely sure it’s correct. A good tip is to cut and paste your writing into Word to find any screw ups or mistakes. Parents need to hire nannies and sitters that are well informed, pro, and can teach their kids the right way to correctly write and spell. Show them you are a professional Houston Nanny!


Don’t tell folks why you need the job. Tell them why THEY desire YOU.
A big mistake many applicants make is telling parents they are looking for a job, because they need money or have some extra time available. Is this anything you would like to hear if you were the family? Probably not. There are better methods to assure the parent that you’re qualified for the position. Focus on why the parent would like to hire a Houston nanny including your background, experience, etc .

Are you creating a job application or a text message?
We have already stressed the importance of staying pro. When creating your profile or message to folks, do not use patois, abbreviations, use ALL CAPS, or be too casual. If you really want the Houston nanny job you need to take some time to draft in full sentences, consider what you are writing, and take the time to proofread. Anything else will make you seem inexperienced to folks. Do not give folks an incentive to remove your email or overlook your profile!

Be patient when you don’t get a response.
Please provide folks enough time to retort to your message. Folks can be quite busy when they hire a Houston nanny.If you don’t get a response immediately, give the family at least a week before you contact them again. Be mannered when you do so. Do not contact folks more than 2 times. If you do not hear back from the parent after contacting them twice, it may just mean the parent found a better fit for the family or their wants changed and they are not attempting to find Childcare anymore.

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