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Well, I’ve lately started using Chopper Tattoo and I think its great. But before, I want to tell you what it was like when I acquired my 1st tattoo in the 90’s. It turns out that this is what it’s like for most people today, too. There were no real tattoo websites at the time, and positively no galleries such as Chopper Tattoo.

The world wide web has made this easier to view other people’s tattoos, and find out what you like. But then you still have the issue of truly getting that tattoo done correctly. If you notice a photo of some guy having a sleeve that you really want, how sure are you that the artist get it right? Sure, he can draw it up, and hopefully he gets it right. And when you’re lucky, he’ll actually have the gear to print out the “decal” which goes on your skin before he gets to work. But I’ve been in plenty of shops where they don’t even have this. Do you know what people end up with?

Unsightly, regrettable ink. Fortunately, this was NOT my tattoo!

My first tattoo was, admittedly, immature. I desired a flaming sword tattoo. I went to a parlor and requested the artist to draw this. The initial sketch was wonderful. He assured me that he can transfer the design towards my skin flawlessly. The tattoo was awful. I thought I was getting something I would be very pleased to show off. But rather, I try to cover up the tattoo and forget that it’s there. Sure, I can go through expensive tattoo removal, however I like to store it there as a reminder. And then I discovered about chopper tattoo, and I really was interested. I took some time to check out their sample galleries and really understand how the system works, after which I signed up for a membership.

How Does Chopper Tattoo Work?

1. Look through their selection of thousands of tattoos

2. Use their system to find a nearby tattoo parlor which is highly rated

3. Print your tattoo design, take it to the parlor, and have him convert it into a “decal.”

4. Have the best tattoo for yourself.

Whenever you enroll in chopper tattoo, you get easy access to the gallery for thirty days, 60 days, or perhaps for life. So, if you are tight on cash and just would like to take a quick look for just a month, you can do that. If you aren’t going too go crazy with tattoos (like me) and simply would like to spend time checking out a couple of different ideas, they have a two month membership, as well.

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