The lower back is a popular spot for tattoo placement so we’ve put together this tattos picture gallery to give you some unique ideas.

We just went through and found pictures of all the best tattoo ideas we could find and put them here in our lower back tattoo picture gallery.

We hope they will help guide you in choosing your tattoos whether they be variations on a popular theme or one unique in design.

Great Tattoos for the lower back often have scrolling with the central idea placed in the small of the back. Others prefer to have the tattoo smaller and placed lower so as to make it more discreet or personal.

Often tattoos use a specific thing like a spider, heart, gecko, flower, or dragon. And sometimes a combination of items like the sun, stars and moon revolve around a theme.

Below, from our tattoo picture gallery, we have scrolled around the small of a womans back…

Great Tattoo for the lower back has the sun, stars and crescent moon …a picture of a sun and moon tattoo in the small of the back. Its a western Yin and Yang sort of thing for our lower back idea gallery…. Sun and Moon Scroll tattoo Spiders are popular as are webs for tattoos, here’s a unique design for the gallery… Spider hanging below web tattoo
Roses and Hearts are popular together and make a great little tat for the small of a womans back, this one looks like she changed her mind about her love… Rose and Heart Tattoo with scroll Great Fire & Renewal Tattoo idea is the phoenix rising from its ashes… Phoenix Rising from the flames

Here’s a unique tattoo idea for women on the lower back…

Unique tattoo ideas

Scrolling along with the subject like this butterfly work great on the lower back…

Butterfly Tattoo with Scroll for the lower back

If you want a Japanese or Chinese tattoo then colorful koi fish make a tatto with an asian flavor…

Koi Fish Tattoo

Most envision dragons when imagining Japanese Tattoo ideas, but Geishas are right up there with serpents…

Japanese Geisha Woman Tattoo

Fairy Tattoos score high in popularity and fit well in the small of the lower back.

Fairy Tattoo

Its not recommended to tattoo your lovers name on your body permanently, but if you must here’s a unique lower back tattoo of a heart with horns expressing an undying love…

If you must name your love

Red stands out in tatoos and a cardinal is as red as it gets….

Cardinal Lower Back Tattoo Images

The number 8 is also the symbol for infinity here’s a unique idea for a tattoo that might work on a guy or a girl.

This Number 8 personified would be a good lower back choice

Stars tattoo gallery picture of a Lower Back Wrap around tattoo for woman…

Stars Lower Back Wrap around tattoo for woman

For women butterfly and flower tattoos are popular images for the small of the back…

unique lower back tattoo ideas