Nicole Ritchie Rosary Tattoo


Nicole Richie Foot Tattoo, Rosary Tattoo.

It is the most popular tattoo site and Vanishing Tattoo voted for Nicole Richie as the number 2nd hottest tattoo -ed celebrity.

Angelina Jollie was ranked number one, a spot she has held for a three years.

Ms. Ritchies tatoo ensemble is run of the mill by artist standards but they are all well done.

Nicole Ritchie Rosary TattooNicole has a small angel wing tattoo on her upper back, sports a tiara or crown tattoo on her hip, and has a shooting star on her right wrist.

Fairly typicall tattoos for a young woman these days. Which makes it a little curious she would be ranked so high.

The ankle job with her Rosary tattoo might have put her over the top this year. Google searches for ankle and rosary tattoos turn up Nicole Ritchie pictures and Google is the Youtube owner as well with many of Nicole Richie’s rosary foot tattoo images and videos turning up. Some blogs say this rosary tatoo is inspiring young girls across the nation to recreate the design.

And truth be told in the pictures of the tattoo it is very symetrical, well balanced and the cross at the end of the rosary is very detailed. It was probably painful too as far as close to the bone.

Let’s let her have this one. …