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Tattoo Me Now

The Ultimate Collection of Tattoo Flash is Finally Available!

Inside TattooMeNow you will find…

  • 4852 gorgeous tattoo flash designs – and growingMembers Gallery – the members own tattoos!

  • Media Library -tatoo ebooks, chinese signs & more!

  • One Of The Largest Galleries Online!

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“After Almost Giving Up Finding A Tattoo That I Wanted Online, I’m So Glad I Found – It’s Well Worth It!”

– Robin Mickelin

Stockholm, Sweden

“My name is Michael, but they call me ‘Flash’. I’m a tattoo artist from the Washington DC area. I have been tattooing off and on for 30 years. I started getting arthritis in 1994 and it quickly put a hurtin on my ability to sling that ink. After
a couple of surgeries I was lookin to get into it again but I had
lost most of my flash and equipment, all I had left was my guns. I spent a lot of time going thru sites when I ran across “Tattoomenow”.

After reading some of the sales pitch I realized that you had done my work already so I decided to jump in to take a chance. I soon found myself with all the flash I could ever need and then some. The members area of the site is great, it is nice to be able to check out the work of others and to see how people respond to that work.

look forward to getting more involved and catching the critique of
other artists, I know that it will make me a better tattooist.

So if you are reading this and still contemplating I’ll tell you true it is worth the little bit of loot you’ll spend; so come on I’ll see ya on the inside.”

Michael Deavers a.k.a ‘Flash’

Tattoo Artist

Washington DC, US

“I Just Got A Stunning Tattoo Done And Wouldn’t Have Had The Courage
If It Wasn’t For!”

“Thanks for a wonderful site! I just got an absolutely stunning tattoo done and I got the idea for it from your site.

I wouldn’t have had the courage to go ahead and do it unless it was for your site!

Thanks again!!

– Sarah Samson.


Lukas Hey!

I’ve totally changed my way of thinking since I joined. Now I realize the importance of thinking over what I REALLY want before making the final decision.

And let me tell you, I’ve gotten so creative with the designs and have at least three ideas I’m working with.

I have an appointment with an artist scheduled for next week. Can’t wait!!

– Lukas Larnholt

Jarfalla, Stockholm, Sweden

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